When our founder Andrea Thomas moved to New York, she had no idea she'd fall in love with skincare and how beneficial it could be to one's overall health. Her aunt and uncle whom she met upon relocating from Miami to New York were the ones she committed this new found journey to. Pain became all too familiar to them being that they suffered from Chronic Arthritis and Kidney Disease. It was heartbreaking to watch them daily so she promised that she would d figure out a way for them to be comfortable in their own skin (pun intended).  Months of researching and testing an abundance of herbs, oils and other products led to her finally finding the perfect match! The phone call she received from them that day expressing how they woke up with no pain finally, changed it all!!

Here we are today! Creating skincare that not only smells great but ACTUALLY does the job and is safe for the environment. We know how important it is to use clean ingredients. Clean ingredients that do what you need them to do. Restorative products are our focus at KHALIXĒ. 

Each of our products are made for you! We're sure of it! Joint pain, scarring, fungal infections, stress relief...herbal remedies were important to our founder growing up and KHALIXĒ provides you exactly that!

What about our packaging? We focus on eco-conscious packaging, so everything can either be reused or recycled. Our paper products are FSC certified and/or PCW formulated. Our tins are perfect for simply reusing or even upcycling!

Simple ingredients - restorative skin care!